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Bedford Park Go-Cart Facilty Sued for Faulty Equipment

Last Updated: 10 December, 2012

A woman has filed suit against a Bedford Park go-kart facility for negligence.

Kimberly Ball visited the Chicago Race Factory in early May of this year. The lawsuit states that when employees seated her in a go-cart with a broken seat belt, they allegedly stated adults did not need the safety harnessed and those were meant for children.

But as Ball was driving her go-cart in the first turn her body slid on the driver’s seat which caused her leg, knee, hip and ankle to be injured according to the suit. The lawsuit claims negligence on the part of the company and employees for allowing Bell to ride in a go-cart with a broken seat belt. It also names the manager in the suit, alleging he did not properly train staff and allowed them to assign the woman to a go-kart with broken equipment. Bell is asking for an excess of $50,000.

A day at an amusement center loses its fun when equipment is faulty and causes injury to the patrons. If you or a loved one knows someone who has been injured on a business’ property, call Spiros Law, P.C. at (815) 929-9292 to discuss your legal rights.