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Boat Crash Injures Driver During Race on Kankakee River

Last Updated: 10 September, 2010

A boat driver accelerates as he is going to shore, causing an accident that effected three boats during the Power Boat Nati onals on the Kankakee River over the Labor Day weekend. This event is put on by the American Power Boat Association and is an annual Labor Day tradition in Kankakee, Illinois

The driver of the boat, Dan Schwartz of San Leandro, California, was airlifted to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, leaving many questions as to why the accident occurred in the first place. In an interview with the Daily Journal, chief referee Dee Berghauer stated that something happened but what is uncertain. There may have been a mechanical problem or the driver may have been unconscious.

“He accelerated towards the shore. Normally, obviously, you would end up slowing down,” stated Berghauer.

What is known is that Schwartz began accelerating as he headed towards shore. His boat hit two others with one of the three boats landing on the Kankakee County Golf Club shore.

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