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Boat Explosion on Illinois River Results in 14 Injured

Publish Date: 2022, 06, 06

This past Memorial Day weekend during a refueling a boat on the Illinois River at the Spring Brook Marina in LaSalle County exploded and caught fire. 14 people were injured, one seriously who was transported to the nearest hospital via flight for life. The boat was believed to have been experiencing engine problems prior to the explosion.

Boating can be extremely dangerous, especially during holiday weekends such as Memorial Day. The combination of the busy waterway, hot summer sun, and celebratory spirit of the holiday can create unsafe situations. With so many other people on the water, boating crashes and collisions are not totally uncommon. Especially with a speed boat, people tend to underestimate how fast their boats can travel. In some instances, this can result in a boating crash. Additionally, sitting outside all day in the sun depletes energy and can be extremely dehydrating. If you are not rehydrating properly or taking small breaks often, you can begin to experience nausea, blurred vision, lightheadedness, or general fatigue. All of these symptoms can make maintaining a safe environment on a boat difficult, as your judgment is now compromised. Last, it is common for people to use their time out on the boat to celebrate with their friends and family. Oftentimes, the celebration manifests in the form of fun activities, food, and alcohol. When consumed in excess, alcohol can seriously impair your ability to operate a boat safely, putting yourself and others at serious risk. Your judgment while intoxicated is altered, meaning you could potentially miss judging the severity of a problem with your boat. There are many dangers of boating. Not only can crashes and collisions happen on the water, but the complexities of the boat itself can create future problems and dangers. If you are not well trained and paying close attention to your boat, you may miss the opportunity to fix the issue before it causes serious harm to yourself or others.

As a passenger in a boat, you may expect the driver to understand and pay close attention to the details of the vehicle. You place your trust in whoever is the owner and operator of the boat to know the intricacies of their vehicle to ensure all passengers enjoy a safe trip on the water. When a dangerous situation occurs that could have been prevented through due diligence and careful consideration, you may be left feeling overwhelmed at the emotional toll an injury can take. Not only are you trying to recover emotionally from this traumatic experience, but in some cases, you may need to recover physically. If you or a loved one has recently been injured, or worse, in a boating-related incident, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. Contact the Spiros Law, P.C. attorneys to set up your free consultation today at .