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Calumet City Home Hit by Semi-Truck, Leaves One Dead and Three Injured

Last Updated: 25 May, 2012

A house in Calumet City was damaged when a semi-truck crashed into it, leaving the driver dead and three other people injured.

It was just before midnight on May 23rd when Joseph Foster, of Talmo, Ga, was driving on Michigan City Road. His truck began to drift into the opposite lane towards Tyler Weightman, 18 and his sister who were coming home from a youth group event at their church.

Weightman tried to avoid the truck but was sent spinning.  The semi-truck then veered into a house near the intersection of Torrence Avenue and Michigan City Road. Once the truck stopped, it fell over onto the Weightmans’ car.

Homeowner Don Harkton came out of his house thinking it had been hit by a van. Police and firefighters arrived soon after and rescued Foster’s 8-year-old daughter from the truck. Weightman and his sister were able to crawl out of their car. The 37-year-old truck driver died at the scene. No one in the house was injured although the Weightman siblings and the 9-year-old girl had minor injuries.

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