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Cantaloupes Recalled After Listeria Outbreak

Last Updated: 26 September, 2011

Cantaloupes that came from a farm in the Rocky Ford growing region of Colorado are being recalled after an outbreak of listeriosis bacterium. The cantaloupes were sent to 17 states including Illinois and Indiana, resulting in reports of 22 people having illness from the cantaloupes. One case of illness from the cantaloupes has been reported in Indiana while none have occurred in Illinois.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Jensen Farms in Granada, Colorado has been linked to the outbreak by food officials. The whole cantaloupes may be labeled “Colorado Grown, Distributed by Frontera Produce, USA, Pesticide Free, Jensenfarms.com, Sweet Rocky Fords” but not all cantaloupes are labeled as such.

Listeria is a bacteria that can cause an infection resulting in fever, muscle aches and gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea. It can also cause miscarriages and still births in pregnant women according to the CDC. This outbreak has been linked to the death of two people, one in Colorado and the other in New Mexico.

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