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City Truck hits Pedestrians, 8 go to Hospitals

Last Updated: 31 May, 2011

The Gold Coast neighborhood in Chicago was the scene of an accident involving a city truck and several pedestrians. The accident occurred Saturday, May 21, 2011 as people were walking and a photographer was conducting a photo shoot of a “bride and groom.”
The accident took place at the intersection of State, Rush and Cedar streets when the driver of the Streets and Sanitation pick-up truck lost control of the vehicle while going north on State Street. Before finally coming to a stop the truck sideswiped a parked vehicle and hit seven people including a photographer and two models as well as a nanny and the toddler she cares for.
Several ambulances came to the scene, taking eight people to local hospitals. The toddler was taken to Children’s Memorial Hospital while others were taken to Northwestern Hospital. The driver, who was found to have a liquor bottle in the vehicle, was also taken to the hospital. The Major Accident Investigation Unit is looking into the accident.
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