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Early Morning Crash Injures Window Washer after crashing into Scaffolding

Last Updated: 27 April, 2012

An early morning car chase ended up causing injury to a window washer on scaffolding upon collision with the scaffolding in downtown Chicago.

During the early morning hours of April 26th, the driver of an Infiniti was headed east on Ohio Street when a BMW began following the car and rear-end it once. The BMW hit the first car again, this time causing the Infiniti to lose control and hit a taxi cab. It then hit a Ford truck that is owned by a window cleaning company.

The truck or the Infiniti then hit the scaffolding. A worker was on top of the scaffolding, cleaning windows to a restaurant. The worker then fell 25 feet to the ground. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where the worker’s condition was stabilized. The taxi driver was taken to Northwestern as well but he was treated and released.

An accident between two cars does not affect only the people in the cars, bystanders can be injured as well. If you or a loved one knows someone who has been hurt as the result of a car accident, call Spiros Law, P.C. at 815-9292-9292 for professional legal presentation.