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Fatal Crash on Illinois Route 102

Publish Date: 2022, 06, 22

On Friday 17, 2022, a three-vehicle, fatal, crash occurred Friday evening just before 10:00 pm.  The site of the collision was on Illinois Route 102 at North 3000W Road. Illinois State Police District 21 at Ashkum is investigating the incident. Of the three drivers, two were transported to the hospital where one was, unfortunately, pronounced dead. The driver of the third vehicle was reported to have refused medical attention, according to ISP.

The preliminary ISP investigation states that one of the drivers was traveling west on Illinois Route 102 at North 3000W Road and the two others involved were traveling east on Illinois Route 102 when the westbound driver crossed into the eastbound lane and collided with the front eastbound car. The third car involved avoided the collision but was struck by debris. According to ISP, the investigation is open and ongoing. They have not reported any other information at this time.

Distracted driving can be extremely dangerous for you and to others you are sharing the road with. It is important to always pay attention while on the road in order to prevent serious injuries. On average, 8 people are killed every day in the US due to distracted driving. Below are some tips you can follow that can help reduce the occurrences of distracted driving:

  • Storing your phone out of sight. By putting your phone in a bag, center console, or backseat you are less likely to notice a notification or be tempted to pick it up and use it.
  • Connect your phone to Bluetooth, if possible. If your car has Bluetooth, connecting your phone will allow for calls and messages to come over the car’s speaker, while will allow you to keep your hands off the wheel to listen and respond to messages. If you are able, pair your phone to Bluetooth as soon as you get in the car.
  • Waiting to respond to calls and messages. If you are unable to connect to Bluetooth, it is best to wait until you have arrived at your destination to pick up your phone and reply to notifications. If you are unable to wait, you should still pull over and stop driving before using your phone.

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a car collision that resulted in a serious or fatal injury, you may be entitled to compensation to account for your physical and emotional damages. Immediately after a car crash, you may be left feeling overwhelmed with the medical bills associated with recovery from a serious injury. Additionally, you may want to file a claim with the company that insures the other driver involved. These claims can be difficult to navigate, not to mention insurance companies have opposing objectives to you. To you, filing a claim means receiving compensation to cover your medical expenses and property damages. To an insurance agency, these claims mean more money coming out of their pocket, so they will attempt to settle with the lowest amount possible. You may not be familiar with some of the tactics these insurance agents use to get you to settle for an amount that is significantly less than what you deserve, which is where hiring an attorney can be beneficial. The lawyers at Spiros Law, P.C. are experienced negotiators who are willing to fight to get you the compensation you deserve to cover all medical bills and physical and emotional damages. At Spiros Law, P.C., our attorneys have expertise in car crash insurance claims and are dedicated to pursuing the justice you deserve. To set up a free consultation today, call .