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Ford County Car Collision

Publish Date: 2021, 09, 01

Three people were injured in a car crash last Thursday morning in Ford County, Illinois as a result of a distracted driver. Two people where critically injured, one was a passenger and the other was the distracted driver. Distracted drivers are more common than they should be. Driving while distracted can be extremely dangerous, and can cause temporary and permanent damages to you, your loved ones, and other people who are on the road.

Driving while distracted means that you are not paying full attention to the road ahead. There are many reasons people drive while distracted: cell phones, other passengers, music, etc. In order to make sure that driving conditions are as safe as possible for everyone on the road, we must ensure that we eliminate as many distractions as possible.

Make sure you put away your cell phone: Before beginning your route, check your phone notifications so that you will not be tempted to whilst driving. Make sure to turn off the ringer or turn your phone on Do Not Disturb so that only emergency calls come through. If you need to use your phone for directions, make sure your phone is in eyesight of the road by investing in a dashboard phone mount. If you are someone who needs to make calls while driving, make sure to connect your phone to Bluetooth to ensure handsfree communication.

Play music at a reasonable volume: Having music on while driving is a must for many people. Ensure that your music is at a safe volume by testing out several levels. A safe volume for music is one where you can concentrate on driving more than the song, hear car horns from nearby vehicles, and hear emergency vehicles that are close by. It is imperative to operate your music at a level that works in conjunction with the sounds of the road.

Quiet noisy passengers: Having noisy passengers can be a huge distraction. Especially when travelling with friends or kids, we are tempted to engage in certain conversations. Refrain from paying more attention to the passengers in the car than the drive so that everyone can make it home safe. Ask especially noisy passengers to quiet down so that you can better give attention to your drive.

Choose the most helpful passenger in the passenger seat: Having someone sitting next to you that can help you navigate or change the music channel is vital. Instead of having to concern yourself with medial tasks while driving, it is important to have a passenger do these things instead.

Pull over: When you feel as if you are too tired, unmotivated, impaired, or distracted to drive, pull over. The safest thing to do when you are aware that you should not be driving is to pull over to eliminate any potential threat you may be causing. When on a highway, look for a rest stop or a gas station to pull over to. On smaller back roads, pulling over to the side of the road is more safe and can be perfectly acceptable.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road. No matter how many precautions you take, you may still find yourself involved in an accident due to the actions of others on the road. If you or a loved one happens to be in a car collision, you need to protect yourself first. Seek medical attention immediately after the crash and make sure to document any damage done to the vehicle and the passengers. After a car collision, many people may immediately reach out to an insurance agency, but this is not always the best option. First, you should consider all of your options.

The experienced car accident attorneys at Spiros Law, P.C. are well educated in these situations and they will work diligently to get you the compensation that you deserve, make sure medical bills are being taken care of, and handle correspondence with insurance companies to help make sure you receive what you are entitled to. To speak to an attorney about your unique situation, contact us at [firm-number] or through our live chat feature.