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Indiana Health Agency Waited to Tell Public of Tainted Steroids

Last Updated: 31 October, 2012

As the number of deaths from the tainted steroids used for back pain treatment rise, it is reported that the state of Indiana knew about the problems with the steroids before notifying the public about problems with the product.

Over the weekend it was reported that the total number of people who have died from a rare form of meningitis is at 25. The illness is caused by a steroid that was tainted with the fungus where it originated in a Massachusetts lab. Specific lots of steroids that came from the New England Compounding Center on or after May 21 were used to treat patients suffering back pain contained the illness-causing fungus.

Eighteen states in all have been affected by the tainted medication. There are a total of 338 cases reported so far: 331 of the fungal meningitis and 7 of joint infections.

Associated Press reported that the State of Indiana was informed of the problems with the steroids on September 28th with an email from the CDC (Center for Disease Control). But it would take until October 1st before State Health officials began telling the six medical clinics of the potential risk of the steroids. While the clinics began speaking or emailing their patients, known cases were not reported till October 4th. The State agency finally made it known to the public on October 4th, nearly a week after the agency first learned of the problem with the steroid medication.

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