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Kankakee Motorcycle Collision

Publish Date: 2022, 10, 06

Reports have stated that there was a deadly motorcycle collision in Kankakee at the intersection of River Road and U.S. Route 45/52. Kankakee police and fire personnel were dispatched to the scene of the crash and preliminary reports found that a vehicle was traveling north on Route 45/52 and collided with a motorcycle that was traveling south on Route 45/52 when the bike attempted to make a left turn onto River Road. The driver of the motorcycle was thrown from their bike and was later pronounced dead at Ascension St. Mary Hospital. Both the driver and the passenger in the vehicle were treated at local hospitals.

Motorcycle and passenger vehicle collisions are unfortunately common and tend to be catastrophic. Drivers of standard vehicles and motorcycles must be vigilant in obeying traffic laws and staying aware of other vehicles on the roadways in order to reduce injuries and fatalities. The Kankakee County Coroner’s Office reported that there have been nine other motor vehicle fatalities since Dec. 1, 2021. Adhering to driving laws and driving safely can help reduce the number of injuries suffered as a result of vehicle collisions.

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