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One killed, 38 injured in Illinois Megabus crash

Last Updated: 03 August, 2012

One person was killed and 38 others were injured after a Megabus collided with a bridge pillar near Litchfield on Thursday.

The bus has 81 passengers on it at the time and was en route to Kansas City, Mo. after leaving Chicago. Officials have stated that it is not known at this time what caused the bus to collide with the bridge, but passengers stated that they heard a “boom” as if the tires were skidding.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration will be investigating to “to determine if there are safety implications that merit agency action,” but local authorities will be investigating the actual cause.

A large thunderstorm traveled through the area a few hours after the crash, which slowed down the accident reconstruction to some extent. Five people that were transported to the hospital were taken by helicopter, but none of the injuries were said to be life-threatening. Over a dozen that were transported to the hospital to be treated have already been released.