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Parasailing Incident Results in Unfortunate Death

Publish Date: 2022, 06, 06

A parasail trip gone wrong resulted in the unfortunate death of a woman and injuries to two children. According to reports, a woman was parasailing with her son and nephew when the wind picked up and the parasail began to peg. This is caused when the parasail is being controlled by wind gusts instead of the vessel’s captain, which could cause issues and impede the safe operation of the vessel. An incident report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated that “Under normal parasailing operations, it is the operation of the vessel, in particular the speed of the vessel, that creates the wind to lift the parasail into the air. The operator of the vessel controls the height of the parasail by increasing or decreasing the speed of the vessel. This enables the parasail operator to safely conduct and control parasailing operations.” It was reported that once the parasail was pegged, the captain made the decision to cut the line that tethered the parasailers to the boat. In a phone call, Mark McCulloh, who founded the Parasail Safety Council and pushed to strengthen industry laws, said the line should have never been cut. Once the line was cut, the parasailers were dropped from an unknown height into the water and dragged through the surface of the water by the inflated parasail. The parasail then hit the old Seven Mile Bridge west of Marathon. The mother was pronounced dead at the scene and the children were taken to the hospital where one was treated for minimal injuries and the other was transferred to a hospital in Miami for additional treatment.

While water sports like boating and parasailing can be fun when all safety protocols are followed, not following the proper safety measures can lead to disastrous situations like this. It is imperative to be aware of weather conditions when out on the water and to make sure all regulations and safety guidelines are being followed. When you put your trust in a licensed company to take you out and keep you safe on the water it is devastating when they don’t follow the necessary rules and injury or, even worse, a fatality occurs due to no fault of your own. Even when you think you are doing everything according to regulations, the negligent actions of others can result in harm and you deserve justice when that happens. The Attorneys at Spiros Law are compassionate when dealing with our clients and aggressive when fighting for their rights. Contact the Spiros Law, P.C. attorneys to set up your free consultation today at .