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Passengers from March 2012 Jet Blue File Suit Against Airline and Pilot

Last Updated: 14 June, 2012

In March of 2012, a pilot on a Jet Blue air bus became irrational and had to be restrained by several passengers on the flight from New York to Las Vegas. Some of the passengers have filed suit against Jet Blue and the pilot for allegedly failing to properly supervise the pilot.

On March 27 of this year, the airbus was halfway through the flight when Clayton Osbon began to act strangely. He told first officer Jason Dowd that they were not going to make it to Vegas and then left the cockpit. He ran up and down the aisle, banging on the restroom doors and the cockpit door. However, Dowd had locked that door and continued the flight.

Passengers wrestled Osbon to the floor and held him down until the plane was landed by Dowd in Amarillo, Texas.

The suit, filed by ten passengers, alleges that Jet Blue did not properly supervise Clayton Osbon and should have known that he was unfit to be trusted with the airplane. Osbon is also facing a federal indictment in regards to his actions on that day and is expected to plead temporary insanity.

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