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Ranger Falls to His Death While Aiding in Rescue

Last Updated: 25 June, 2012

While helping in the rescue of four injured climbers, a Mount Ranier ranger fell to his death. Mount Rainier is a massive volcano located in Washington State and has an elevation of 14,411-feet.

A group of four climbers from Texas were on Mount Rainier in the national park when they fell. The group was tied together and the two climbers at the end of the rope ended up over a crevasse. One member used a cell phone to call for help and the climbers were found by the park rangers.

During the rescue effort, ranger Nick Hall readied the climbers for removal from the 14,411-foot Washington state peak when he slide down more than 3000 feet. Other rangers called out to the 34-year-old  Hall and received no response nor saw any movement from him.  They had to wait for several hours while a fierce storm with 40 m.ph. winds passed before they could recover Hall’s body.

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