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Suit filed Against Grade School That Allegedly Made Kindergartner Crawl to School Building With A Broken Leg

Last Updated: 12 January, 2012

A suit was filed last week by the parents of a now-7-year-old boy in the Cook County Circuit Court stating that the kindergartner was forced to crawl across an icy playground area after falling and breaking his leg. Damages at the amount of $200,000 are being sought by the lawsuit according to the report.

The incident took place in January of 2011 when Rahul Chandani slipped on a mound of snow at his Skokie elementary school. The fall resulted in a concussion and a broken leg. When the boy stated he was hurt, the teacher reportedly told him that she could not help him and that he need to get back on his own. The boy tried to walk but could not stand on the leg. He fell again and had to crawl back into the school building.

The boy’s mother, Priya Chandani, picked him up from school and noted a bump on his head. The boy was also complaining of dizziness. Chandani immediately took her son to the hospital. Rahul missed six weeks of school and needed six months of rehabilitation.

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