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Water Treatment Plant Implodes.

Last Updated: 31 December, 2010

Kankakee was the scene of an explosion at the Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency wastewater treatment. Just before 9 A.M. on December 27, 2010, the digester building was demolished with an explosion occurred. The reason for the explosion is still under investigation. 
KRMA Executive Director Richard Simms stated that the contents of the digester tanks went in the hole caused by the implosion of the building. The waterline that was underneath the building did make contact with raw sewage. However, according to Kankakee officials raw sewage did not make it into the river. Further news reports state that tests being done at the Wilmington, 18 miles northwest of Kankakee, have not shown any significant changes in water quality. Wilmington water superintendent, Jacque Plese, has stated their tests show no changes in water quality.
Biologists have been on the lookout for a fish kill, resulting from less oxygen being in the water, and have seen none. Spokespeople for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency have not been able to confirm that no harm was done to the river and will be conducting their own tests.
Sledders at the popular sledding site, Poop Hill, near the waste treatment plant have noted an increase of noxious fumes.
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